Wellness in Motion Boston is happy to announce that we are now offering a full line of sport specific, fully customizable orthotics in the office. We have partnered with SIDAS, a French company breaking into the American market. We are one of the first American offices to offer this technology outside of a Hospital setting. We will offer a wide range of custom moldable orthotics as well as pre-molded insoles, suitable for when you want just a little more support. Partnering with SIDAS allows us more flexibility with the materials we use to better personalize your orthotic.

By making the orthotics in the office we no longer have a 4 week turn around, now after a 30 minute appointment you walk out with a fully customized ready to wear orthotic.

If you are starting a new training cycle, now is the time for orthotics. Orthotics don’t need to be large and restrictive to be effective. With simple modifications in the right place in your gait cycle you can better absorb the impact of many miles of training and reduce the risk of injury further down the road, like the second week of April.

In the coming weeks feel free to check out the pre-made orthotics available in the office. And schedule an appointment now for your custom made insoles.


Custom made: $240
Pre-molded: $50