In the ever changing world of healthcare, chiropractic encompasses an incredibly wide spectrum of beliefs, techniques and philosophies. Spinal manipulations have been the staple of chiropractic care for over a century. Utilizing a gentle but quick force directed at a joint within the body that is displaying abnormal motion and/or position, chiropractic adjustments have the potential to restore proper motion and biomechanics function.

While some chiropractors feel that the spinal adjustment or manipulation is the cure-all for all of the body's ailments, there is a growing specialization within chiropractic that focuses on the soft tissue (the collective term for muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve and fascia) as opposed to the structural alignment. We at Wellness in Motion Boston fall into this latter category. We understand that muscles and soft tissues move bones, therefore if something is out of alignment, the soft tissues are most likely the causing factor. To treat just the structural alignment and ignore the soft tissue is to often provide relief that is short-lived. 

All of the care that you receive at Wellness in Motion Boston will be focused on treating the root of the problem. Rarely is an injury fixed with spinal manipulation alone. Thankfully, a treatment plan that focuses on soft tissue compromise but also addresses spinal alignment is very effective at fixing problems permanently.