Wellness in Motion Boston is honored to be partnered with Erin Kenney, RDN to offer Nutrition Counseling at all of our locations.


Erin Kenney is a registered dietitian who specializes in nutrition and wellness and has worked with a range of clients from adolescents to seniors in a wide range of settings including sports performance clinics, hospitals and long-term care facilities, weight management clinics, and companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 50.

Her love for fitness ranges from meditation and yoga to team sports to outdoor activities such as swimming, biking, and hiking (whether it’s a casual day hike or her recent summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro). When she’s not in the gym you can find her in the kitchen creating new recipes that are nutritious yet delicious. 

With bathing suit weather or the fast-approaching marathon training season as your motivator, there is no better time than now to fine tune your nutrition and feel your best. Whether your goal is to look, perform, or feel better, Erin will create a very personalized plan that is attainable for your lifestyle, dietary preferences, and schedule. As an expert in the field, Erin takes an evidenced based approach staying up to date on all the latest nutrition research. Make an appointment with her today!

Erin will be offering Nutrition Counseling at all of the WIMB locations.  We do not accept insurance at this time and an initial consultation is 60 minutes in duration. You can schedule an appointment with Erin by email, erin@wellnessinmotionboston.com, or by calling any of our offices:

Dowtown: (857) 305-3392
Brookline: (617) 505 6742
Back Bay: (617) 505 6742