WIMB is proud to offer Personal Training with Eric Beard, Integrated Movement Coach at our Brookline location.
Eric will be offering the following options:

Personal Strength Training


  • One on one session 

  • 100% individualized 

  • Typically once per week

  • Core training always included 

  • Great attention is given to technique

  • Teach movements and coordination

  • Quality focus instead of quantity

  • Workloads adjusted to your other activities

  • Programs can be created to perform on your own*

  • Leave feeling better than when you come in 

  • Align the joints. Activate the muscles then coordinate the entire body.

60 Minute Training Sessions - $105

  • Commonly complete total body workout

  • Postural re-alignment exercises and mobility work to begin

  • Ideal session to discuss program design for you to complete on your own*

  • Great right after Chiropractic adjustment, A.R.T. or Graston! 

90 Minute Training and Treatment Sessions - $150

  • Perfect way to address on-going issues and get a workout in

  • Manual therapy to start the session as needed

  • Manual therapy used to loosen up tight muscles and improve alignent

  • Commonly complete total body workout

  • Assisted stretching and massage to finish the session

*Program design takes at least two 60 minute sessions to complete for new patients due to the depth of the the assessments, planning and teaching.

Training for Runners

If you are in pursuit of injury free running, a PR or looking to BQ then a balanced training program is a necessity. Tight calves, sore IT bands, stiff hamstrings, cranky hip flexors or a weak core can disrupt a training cycle and lead to nagging issues. An individualized program to align posture, optimize flexibility and develop strength can help to develop a healthy, economical and natural running technique. This can help you to absorb the rigors of increased milage like when training for a marathon or ultramarathon. Other benefits include; improve tendon and ligament health, building power and getting faster!

Some runners need to focus more on muscle flexibility or joint mobility. Others need a more efficient core or better muscle balance.  Learning proper form and following an individualized plan can help keep you on the road and running fast. From calves to core to shoulders, make sure your body is strong and mobile enough to go the distance.

Eric is passionate about keeping runners on the road. He has worked with hundreds of runners as a massage therapist and personal trainer. His patients have ranged from ages 10 to 73 and their goals have been ranged from community fun-runs to world class races. Watching his runners PR or complete pain free runs bring him great joy. He also believes strongly in the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So come in for a few ounces of training before you have to look for a cure!

Training for Hockey Players 

Hockey requires a unique blend of strength, power and conditioning. The sport also places unique demands on the body that can lead to tight hip flexors, sore low backs, strained groins and injured shoulders. Getting the body balanced from; top to bottom, left to right, front to back and diagonally is the foundation of a healthy, resilient and well conditioned player. Mobility, core, strength, plyometric training performed on a regular basis, in the ideal amounts, with great form are the foundations of a successful program. Too often players are over worked and left with sore, tired and dead legs heading into games, showcases or tournaments. An individualized program puts players at their best when they need it. Getting the most out of your body off the ice can lead to strong edges, explosive strides and a powerful shot.  

Eric has played ice hockey since the second grade and was a three year captain on his college ice hockey team. He holds the top tier coaching certification from USA Hockey, CEP Level 5. He has coached hockey since 2008 from beginner hockey programs up to and including high school teams. He has run off-ice conditioning programs for high school teams and dozens of individual players. He uses his experience and passion for the sport to help players develop good training habits that they can take with them for a lifetime.

Training for Tennis Players  

Frequently tennis players experience over-use injuries caused by too much tennis and not enough off-court training. Finding the right blend of flexibility, core and strength training can help to remedy that. This type of training enhances coordination and promotes using the body as a whole. This can be referred to as the kinetic chain principle.

Learning to load the entire kinetic chain generates force with less effort while being easier on the joints. An effective off-court training program teaches players to harness the strength from their legs, hips, core and shoulder into powerful and fluid movements on court.  

Fitting a comprehensive training program into your practice, match and tournament schedule increases the likelihood of success. Eric will work with you to plan out a program that takes into consideration school/work obligations, family responsibilities, clinics, lessons, showcases, injury history and more. 

Eric started working with high level junior tennis players in 2003 and ran the strength and conditioning component of the New England Academy of Tennis for almost ten years. He has since worked with hundreds of junior players, high school state champions, national champions, NESCAC champions, NCAA Division 1 players, professionals, Grand Slam Champions and Olympians. He has spent over 12 months on the WTA pro tour working as a physio providing training, massage thearpy and nutritional coaching. Eric has also been hired as a consultant by the Chinese Tennis Association and Beijing International Group serval times to train raising junior players and elite junior coaches at various international events.


To schedule a Personal Training Session please contact our Brookline location at 617 505 6742 or email at brookline@wellnessinmotionboston.com

Learn more about Eric Beard

Eric Beard comes to WIMB with an impressive background in health and fitness. As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Integrated Manual Therapist (LMT) and Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist Eric works with people 1:1 as well as with teams and groups of athletes. He begins with a thorough evaluation of the entire kinetic chain (human body). He often identifies hidden performance inhibitors that are either causing pain elsewhere in the body or hampering performance. Through manual therapy and teaching perfect exercise technique he helps to restore optimal human movement. Group and team athletic development begins with specific programs designed to enhance movement patterns and reduce risk of injury. From there, speed, power and performance can be maximized.

He has presented at events such as IDEA World, the Perform Better Summit and NEHRSA Conferences, and has worked for the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Degrees / Certifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from CalU

  • Bachelors in Rehabilitation Services from Springfield College

  • Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Honors Graduate

  • Certified Personal Trainer-National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM CPT)

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist- National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM CES)

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist- National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM PES)

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist-National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA CSCS)

  • Functional Movement Screen Certified-Functional Movement Systems (FMS)

  • Licensed Massage Therapist-State of Massachusetts

  • National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)

  • USA Hockey CEP Level 4

  • Functional Movement Training Basic and Performance Certified