As long as they’re “back” there doing their job, holding us up and keeping us mobile, we usually don’t give them too much thought; we can’t even see them. We take them for granted. They’re just backs—our posterior sides, the very definition of strength and silence.

This class called "Strong to the Core" is a specially designed sequence to bring balance & strength back onto your centre body!  Having a healthy core has so many benefits, minimizing back pain, reduces risk of injury, enhances your running technique, and improves posture & digestion. This session includes therapeutic flow yoga, yin yoga & self –massage. 

We are spending more time than ever before seated using computers, ipad’s and iphone’s resulting in weakness, strain & instability to our lower spine.  Get your back into balance, feeling stronger, stable & healthy.

Taught by Amanda Nurse, this class is offered on Tuesdays @ Noon.