In July of 2016, WIMB started the first coalition of yoga instructors focused on teaching athletes. opened the first yoga studio in Boston focused on "Yoga for Athletes." While many studios offer specialized classes such as "Yoga for Runners" or "Yoga for Cyclists," they are only typically offered once a month or, at best, once a week. The WIMB Yoga Studio will be offering these types of classes 2-3 times a DAY from specialized instructors who, like you, are athletes themselves!

For most athletes, traditional yoga can be an intimidating and humbling experience. It's never fun to be the only one in the class who can't even touch their toes in a forward fold. For that reason, many athletes shy away from traditional yoga classes despite the many benefits it offers to their given sport. Thankfully, the new trend in yoga is to combine traditional yoga with more strength conditioning focused on the many imbalances that are created by activities such as running, cycling, rowing, swimming, throwing and kicking. 

If you are trying to take your training to the next step, this is the yoga studio for you. Offering small classes (<12 students) centered on strengthening and rehabilitation, we will teach you useful self-healing tools to keep you strong, balanced and healthy in both body and mind. 

Don't have a yoga mat? No problem, we've got you covered. Thanks to our good friends at Lululemon, yoga mats and any additional props are free to use at WIMB. All you need to bring is some workout clothes (and a small towel, if needed). Storage cubbies will also be provided for your work clothes and belongings, however, there are no showers in the facility.

For more information, check out the Yoga Schedule