RUN+YOGA Fall 2017 Series

Join local stand-out runner, Jana Ross aWIMB's Yoga for Runners instructors, Brittany Flaherty, Cyndi Gonzalez and Julia Howard for a 5-part Running and Yoga Series focused on preventing runners’ most stubborn injuries, increasing flexibility, improving balance, and even out muscle imbalances! Each 2-hour session will start with mindfulness techniques and dynamic stretching, then a 45-minute run, followed by an running injury-inspired 60-minute yoga class. Learn breathing techniques and increase lung function, improve mental strength and concentration through meditation, make muscles supple through foam rolling and stretching, and be a faster, injury-free runner! Get ready to PR at your next race!

Dates: Sundays, 10am-12pm, 9/24, 10/15, 10/29, 11/5, and 11/12

Price: $35/session, or $150 (for all 5, save $25)

Workshop #1: Run+Yoga: Healthy Hips and IT Bands (Sunday, September 24 from 10am-12pm)

- Focuses on hip flexors, gluteus max and meads, and the stubborn IT band; areas of a runner's body that tend to be weak and prone to injury.

- Run with Jana, Yoga with Cyndi

Workshop #2: Run+Yoga: Runner's KNEEds (Sunday, October 15 from 10am-12pm)

- Working through the most common running-related injury, "Runner's Knee" by stretching, strengthening, and opening surrounding muscles.

- Run with Julia, Yoga with Cyndi

Workshop #3: Run+Yoga: Strong to the Core (Sunday, October 29 from 10am-12pm)

- A strong core helps runners with their stability, balance, posture and overall control, as well as preventing injuries in other areas of the body. This workshop will focus on creating strong and healthy back and abdominal muscles that are central to running. 

- Run with Jana, Yoga with Brittany

Workshop #4: Run+Yoga: Feet First: Building a Sturdy Foundation (Sunday, November 5 from 10am-12pm)

- Focuses on creating a strong base and improving gait by addressing the calves, achilles, and foot stabilization muscles as well as healing and preventing shin splints and other lower leg injuries.

- Run with Jana, Yoga with Julia


Workshop #5: Run+Yoga: Treat Yo Self Right (Sunday, November 12 from 10am-12pm)

- You've put in the miles, and now it's time to slow down and Treat Yo Self to some self love and care. This feel-good flow will warm up the body and then help you unwind from head to toe. We'll practice tapping into the power of meditation, breath, and mantras before ending with a sweet and extended lead-up to savasana.

- Run with Julia, Yoga with Brittany