Rolfing Structural Integration is a holistic hands-on technique designed to realign structure and function in the body. By working with the nervous system, connective tissue, and movement patterns within the body Rolfing reorganizes our relationship with gravity. By utilizing client participation, tissue manipulation, and movement reeducation Rolfing frequently evokes long-term changes in movement patterns and pain levels. By helping the body reorient to gravity Rolfing can help people from all walks of life. Whether a person is in chronic pain, wants to realign their posture, or find more mobility, Rolfing has often been reported to create change in a diverse array of individuals, both physically and mentally.

Rolfing was created by Ida Rolf as a recipe with a ten session protocol, with each session working with a different relationship and part of the body. The ten-series is broken up into three sections: sleeve(1-3), core (4-7), and integration (8-10) sessions.

Sessions 1-3

The first three sessions works with the “sleeve”, or superficial fascia, of the individual. In these sessions we work with less pressure on more topical layers, as well as working with the respiratory diaphragm and rib-cage to create an overall ease throughout the body before working with deeper structures and patterns.

Sessions 4-7

These sessions are described as “core” sessions, we work deeply with the neck, spine, and pelvis, as well as deep muscle structures and visceral (organ) space. The focus of these sessions is to evoke balance and ease through our walking patterns. By working with spinal curvature and movement patterns, these sessions can fundamentally alter our relationship to gravity as one of collaboration instead of a constant struggle to remain upright. 

Sessions 8-10

In the final sessions we work to integrate the changes that have been made. Instead of having a specific anatomical territory, these sessions work with the individuals unique needs to find balance and alignment.

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Meet the Practitioner

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Cole Tracy is a Certified Rolfer, trained at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tufts University. Cole has a passionate interest in all forms of movement and somatic exploration from hockey and ping pong, to meditation and yoga. He has traveled to India to study yoga and attended body-based meditation retreats to further explore his interest in the connection between body and mind. Understanding the human body and movement patterns is not just a job to him, but a lifelong exploration. Cole integrates movement patterns with structural changes to best empower the people he works with towards happiness and ease. In his practice, Cole Tracy believes in working actively with clients. In this way, Cole acts as a facilitator for each person to create their own changes in structure and function.