Wellness in Motion Boston is honored to be partnered with Megan Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP to offer Nutritional Counseling.


Megan Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP is a graduate of the University of Connecticut’s Coordinated Program in Dietetics and has been a practicing Registered Dietitian for over 4 years.  Megan completed her training with Metagenics as a Certified Lifestyle Educator in 2014 became certified as an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP™) through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy in early 2018. 

Megan is a seasoned Dietitian who has worked in a variety of settings including clinical, food service and private practice. After completing her internship, Megan worked as a Clinical Dietitian providing patient-centered nutrition care within the critical care, long-term care and surgical settings. She also developed and taught weekly outpatient nutrition group education classes to promote preventative health care awareness at the hospital.  Megan was also chosen as the sole contributing Dietitian for a Boston-based meal delivery company.  She played an integral role in contributing both scientific and creative expertise for planning healthy, balanced, and palatable meals for weekly menus as well as spearheading a new initiative for gluten free and allergy friendly meal options. 

Megan currently works as a Functional and Integrative Nutritionist for an outpatient medical practice in Newton, MA.  She provides holistic nutrition counseling and has experience treating a variety of conditions including gastrointestinal disorders, detoxification, athletic training diets, food allergies/sensitivities and weight loss specific dietary approaches.  She believes that each person’s nutritional needs are truly unique and focuses on providing individualized meal planning and tailored nutrition coaching to improve the health of her patients.  Beyond her passion for Nutrition, Megan enjoys cooking and creating new recipes with friends and family, practicing yoga and traveling to sunny climates.

Megan will be offering Nutrition Counseling at WIMB on Tuesdays.  We do not accept insurance at this time and an initial consultation is 60 minutes in duration and the cost is $150 per session. Follow-up appointments will be $100. You can schedule an appointment with her by calling our office at (857) 305-3392.