Amanda Nurse - Instructor and Studio Manager

Amanda recently transitioned to WIMB after being an inpatient clinical social worker. With a passion for empowering others, she loved working with her patients, but wanted to have an impact in Boston's health and fitness community. Amanda is a member of the Boston Athletic Association's Racing Team and a run coach at Heartbreak Hill Running Company's treadmill studio. As an avid marathon runner, Amanda has run 14 marathons, starting with a Boston Qualifier of 3:26, and worked her way to a personal best of 2:40 (in 2015). Amanda participated in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Team Trials in Los Angeles. 

Yoga has always been an important component to Amanda's healthy lifestyle. She is an avid proponent of practicing yoga to enhance running performance and was the catalyst to WIMB opening Boston's first ever Yoga for Athletes studio. In August 2016, Amanda completed the New School of Yogic Arts' 200-Hour Intensive Teacher Training, studying under Goldie Graham, Tatyana Souza, Andrew Tanner and Laura Ahrens. Amanda has founded RUN+YOGA Series, WIMB's first workshop series, combining a group run with Amanda's coaching expertise and a yoga session dedicated to specific running-related issues and injuries. Amanda is excited to be joining her husband Ian, to grow Wellness in Motion and make it Boston's mecca for health and wellness. 


Julia Howard

Julia Howard

Julia has been an avid long distance runner since high school. She ran her first half marathon on her 16th birthday and that sparked a deep passion for racing everything from the mile to marathon. Any given day you'll find her logging miles along the Charles River or climbing the Harvard Stadium steps with November Project Boston. 

Julia found yoga when she herniated two discs in her lower back during her junior year of high school. Coming back from this injury she found yoga to be a great source of healing and strength for her body and mind. She pursued teaching to guide people towards seeing yoga as a means to prevent injury and practice gratitude. Julia designs her classes to be fun, creative flows that focus on alignment, loosening and strengthening the muscles that support athletes' bodies. She has taught students from all ages and abilities - from high school and college athletes to those just dipping their toes into the yoga world for the first time.

Julia completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Down Under Yoga in Brookline with Natasha Rizopoulos. In addition to her Down Under Training, she also sources guidance and inspiration from her yoga teachers Brittany Flaherty, Cara Gilman and her grandmother, Julia Cook.  

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Erin Hirbour

Erin Hirbour is a recreational athlete who enjoys the triathlon sports: swimming, running and biking in addition to her yoga practice. After running a few half-marathons, Erin experienced the difficulties that runners can have with their IT bands and committed to adding these strethes into her Yoga for Runners class. The IT band is a common injury for runners that can impede the ability to push forward. When you're in the midst of training and your mind is set on an ultimate coal, nothing is worse than hearing "rest and stretch" as your mental endurance is ready to push you forward. Erin's class is designed to help those with the athletic mentality to remain focused on their goals as they rebuild, strengthen and stability so that their risk of injury is minimal and athletes are able to regain full control of their bodies without fear. In conjunction with the other means of preventative medicine, the goal is to prevent the injury before it starts and to keep athletes in their sports so that their only goal is the ultimate goal that they are training for. 

Brittany Flaherty

Brittany has always found peace, joy, and clarity in movement. She feels most at home outdoors on the trails, whether it’s on skis or her own two feet. After years of team sports and running, she turned to yoga to address injuries and found herself instantly drawn in by the calming effects on her mind and the healing she felt in her body. Yoga has allowed Brittany to rebuild the strength and mobility necessary to enjoy running again, a gift for which she is endlessly grateful. She finds the quiet, non-competitive nature of yoga to be the perfect source of balance for her intense November Project workouts and trail runs. 

Hoping to share the practice with others, Brittany completed her 200-hour teacher training at Back Bay Yoga. She is deeply grateful to her teachers for their guidance and inspiration, particularly Cara Gilman, Caitlyn Graham Visconte, Ryan Cunningham, & Goldie Graham.

Brittany’s goal is to help her students explore the power of movement and discover a place of ease, empowering them to bring more focus, humor, and grace to their athletic pursuits and daily lives.  She teaches accessible and playful classes that reflect her knowledge of the human body and positive outlook on life. As a cancer survivor, she also hopes to encourage those who have experienced illness or injury to connect with their bodies and build their spiritual, mental, and physical strength. Her background in biology and health fuels her passion for yoga, which she believes to be a powerful form of preventative medicine and a tremendous catalyst for healing. To learn more about Brittany, visit

Cyndi Gonzalez

Cyndi Gonzalez has combined her love of running and years of experience as a yoga teacher to bring Yoga for Runners to WIMB.

Cyndi began running after college as a way to stay fit. After running her first 5K, she discovered a love of racing - not against others but for the opportunity to continuously challenge herself to go longer and faster. She has since run five marathons, a dozen half marathons and countless shorter races.

With all that running came the familiar runner's injuries, and Cyndi turned to her yoga practice as a way to heal her pain and build strength and flexibility. In 2012, after 10 years practicing yoga, Cyndi earned her RYT-200 from Inner Strength Yoga in Watertown. Since then, she has taught students of all ages and abilities - from seasoned athletes to those taking the first step on their path to wellness.

Cyndi's classes are energetic and creative with a focus on strengthening and lengthening all the muscles that support an athlete's body. She believes that yoga can help people stay not only physically fit but mentally strong as well.

Cyndi lives in Needham with her husband Jay and her one-eyed cat named Winks.

Joana Fraser

Joana is a recreational runner and lover of all things active. After trying out many different yoga studios and teachers over the course of several years, Joana credits Goldie Graham (formerly at Back Bay Yoga) as the teacher who finally opened her eyes to the wonders of the practice. She found that a regular yoga practice gave her the flexibility and strength she didn't realize she was missing. Over time, the mental benefits of yoga also began to take effect and in 2016 she decided to pursueher 200hr RYT at Coolidge Corner Yoga under the guidance of two wonderful yogis, Goldie Graham and Tatyana Souza, to increase her knowledge of this ancient practice and to be able to bring it to others as a teacher.

As a Sports Medicine physician as well as a yoga teacher, Joana has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and is aware of all the aches and pains that can afflict athletes, and importantly how to modify yoga to make it suitable for all bodies (props are your friend!). Her classes focus on proper alignment and moving with intention and purpose, so as to never strain, push too far or over stretch the delicate tissues of the body. The goal after her class is to walk out feeling, lighter, looser and refreshed while still maintaining the strength and stability that athletes need.